Life Choreography Coaching
with Grace

Inner Evolution - Outer Transformation

Hello and Welcome!

What if in your life there was nothing to “overcome”, only more LIFE to express? What would it feel like to have more energy, more clarity, more love, more ease in your life?

Find out with ME, as your companion in this inspired journey. I offer simple tools and techniques to help you navigate and waltz through this thing called LIFE!

As an inspirational life choreography coach with a holistic approach, I am a creative weaver of the Healing and Performing Arts.

I integrate my 40+ years of study and practice in metaphysics, spirituality, yoga, meditation and somatics to share my passion for a joyous life.

I have created an original and organic system called
THE TRINITY WALTZ that assists in balancing our triune nature:

Bend with Body, Meditate with Mind, Soar with Spirit.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” -Wayne Dyer

Working with Suzanne has been a life changing experience, not only because of the results, but because of how gentle yet powerful her sessions are. Her positivity and kind nature holds the space for me to feel safe. The unconditional support I feel from her allows me to trust the process so I can grow and realize my own beauty, strength and joy.

Suzanne has helped me free myself so that I am living my best possible life joyfully!

Every Dance Begins With One Step

Are you willing to take that step and WALTZ into your well-being? I invite you to discover your own inner radiance through the TRINITY WALTZ.

I support the emergence and alignment of the NEW YOU and I am confident that you will be uplifted by all that I offer. Thank you!

Shall we dance?

Dr. Erich Parks of Dynamic Health Care and Chiropractic interviews Suzanne on Auburn cable TV “Health Matters”.

Just what do I do as an Inspired Life Coach? Find out here! Thanks to one of my clients, the talented Jay Staargard, for having this conversation with me. Namaste~

20 Years of Mentors & Teachers