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Suzanne Grace and Tree Love
"Suzanne facilitated Yoga classes at the Soul Sisters Retreat for the first time this year (7/14) and she was exceptionally good. Skilled, knowledgeable, conscientious, clear, effective, inspiring and all-around wonderful."
– Rev. Greta Sesheta / Agape LA
"I've taken classes from Suzanne for about 8 years, and I believe they've been the single most formative influence on my overall growth and development."
– Joan Stockbridge; poet, storyteller, spiritual director.
"Suzanne's ability to energize and educate a group is amazing! The Chi Yoga information was very helpful to all participants regardless of their physical capabilities. It was a great synergy of many body energy traditions. I highly recommend her work to embrace the body and it's energy - in whole new ways!"
– Ann Hess, Director / World Health Institute, Virginia
"I am one of those dancers you led to joy and I knew, even as it was happening, that I was shifting on deep levels inside. Your healing body dance work is exactly what I have been seeking, without even knowing it! I am so grateful."
– Ginny / UCRS conference, Asilomar,CA
"Finding a class like yours is hard to find. I am inspired and want to be attending to continue being fed. You are a lovely teacher and dancer. Wonderful that you open the space up to play, spontaneity, creativity and consciousness; my whole being loved it!"
– Laura Linsteadt, Embody Wholeness / Auburn, CA
"Your teaching has enriched my life. You are exceptional."
– Phyllis / Novato, CA
"Thanks for all you carefully taught me. I consider that so far you have been the most thoughtful, talented and spirited yoga teacher I have had. Thanks a lot for your creativity and skills."
– Josette / Mill Valley, CA
"You have left a huge imprint on my mind, my body and my spirit."
– Cheryl / Novato, CA

Dance Performance Testimonials

Suzanne Grace Dancing
"I was so moved by your performance, I will never forget the images you created. I applaud your depth and artistry."
– Rev. E. Gala / Russia
"Beautiful event last night – and thank you whole-heartedly for your artistic contributions. Everyone is talking about your 'Hula Breath', it absolutely set the tone, ambience and vibrational level for the rest of the program. BRAVA, SUZANNE!"
– Michael Bayard, composer / Sacramento
"You are magic!"
– Gary Malkin, composer / San Francisco
"I am in awe of your talent and your willingness to use it. I'm looking forward to working with you again. Pure joy!"
– Michael Gott, composer / Reno

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