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Suzanne Grace Rolle

I am so happy to offer you these yogic movement practices. As a creative choreographer of the Healing and Performing Arts, I have integrated my 40+ years of study and practice in yoga, chi gung, modern dance, Pilates, somatics, massage, shiatsu, tui na, acupressure, meditation, metaphysics and spirituality to create videos that YOU can benefit from. Whether you are a desk jockey or a dancer, young or seasoned, these practices can be applied to make a REAL difference in the quality of your life. Great tools for your wellness tool kit!

I have a deep love of nature and infuse all of my work with an organic sense of flow and energy. From ancient practices to contemporary inspiration, I have taught and motivated students of all ages and abilities – the pure joy of movement and the wisdom of the body potential.

I invite you to discover your own inner radiance and be uplifted.

"Thank you! I am following since year one of your videos. Chi Yoga Flow is the most important 20 minutes of my day. I think this dance is really fantastic. I do the dance once a week. Love, Peace, Joy, and Gratitude." – Letizia / Milan-Italy


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Alphabet Affirmation Action w/ Suzanne Grace

Gift #1: Alphabet Affirmation Action!

Here is sacred medicine for body mind spirit: a 4-minute energetic yogic heart breath with movement, combined with positive declarations/affirmations using adjectives from A to Z. Let’s ignite our magnificence and feel the Love!

Body Blessing for Vitality & Wellness w/ Suzanne Grace

Gift #2: A Body Blessing for Vitality & Wellness – WAKE UP!

Can you imagine just taking 6 minutes a day – out of your busy life to promote your wellbeing! This Grace Body Blessing is one of my students favorite yogic moves, sometimes called Kidney stretch—a powerful lymphatic pump with a back and forth motion that I have combined with deep conscious breath, tapping along the meridian lines, laughter yoga to awaken the digestive fire, waking up the thymus like Tarzan and shaking off the old. We also do positive affirmations while moving—so it is all a whole brain activity. This powerful sequence of regeneration and renewal is done three times. Your body will thank you!

Reawakening the Chakras w/ Suzanne Grace

Gift #3: Reawakening the Chakras – MOVE IT!

A 10 minute movement alignment of the 7 energy/chakra centers. A cultivation of my 3 hour intensive workshop – fun!

Follow along with me or create your own inspired moves. At the end of the video, there is time for free dance so you can shake it up and MOVE IT!

This video is in honor of my 60th birthday. Special thanks to master percussionist Glen Velez for permission to use his music.

Chi Yoga Flow w/ Suzanne Grace

Gift #4: Chi Yoga Flow w/ Suzanne Grace

My most popular video!! This 20-minute standing practice (no getting up and down from the floor!) uses simple chi gung, yogic moves, breath and visualization to bring balance, awareness and connection to your physical, emotional and energetic body. A perfect daily morning practice and is suitable for all levels of experience and ability. Can even be modified by doing it seated in a chair—you will still feel the results. The video ends with a meditative balance of the chakra centers and a short version of the Emotional Gym—pulsing love, joy, peace and gratitude.

Moving Meditation w/ Suzanne Grace

Gift #5: Moving Meditation w/ Suzanne Grace

Designed to nourish body and soul: prayer in motion! Filmed at the American River in the CA Sierra foothills, this 6 minute movement interpretation of 5 step affirmative prayer/Spiritual Mind Treatment, can be used as an interactive daily practice, a teaching tool or an inspiring prayer meditation. Special thanks to the Centers for Spiritual Living and Ernest Holmes.

 The Chakra Series w/ Suzanne Grace

Gift #6: The Chakra Series w/ Suzanne Grace

A one-hour yoga practice that focuses on the 7 energy/chakra centers of the body. These wheels or vortex's of energy run along the spine, the Sushumna channel. Through focused intention, breath and strong yogic moves, we balance and align these vital centers.

Gentle Chair Yoga w/ Suzanne Grace

Gift #7: Gentle Chair Yoga w/ Suzanne Grace

A 45-minute gentle, slower paced yoga practice using a chair as a prop for stretching and balance. This practice is perfect if you are coming back to yoga after a long absence, are new to yoga, or have an injury. It is also effective to do if you already have a regular asana practice and just want a slower, more mindful approach.

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