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Newsletters by Suzanne Grace

Let's stay in touch! Every month or so, I am inspired to share some tips for wellness. From how to grow your own sprouts, to inspiring books, to practices to help you sleep, to updates on what I am doing. Subscribe and enjoy NEWS you can USE!

Happy Autumn (September 2018)

Happy Autumn

...What a wonderful time to connect to nature as she begins to slow down. The autumnal equinox is a time to honor the balance in nature and in your own life. You can reset your body, mind, and spirit clock by taking time to honor where you might need to bring balance into your life...

Fall Equinox Spirit Drum Circle, Friday, September 21 @ 7:00 pm. Join leaders Suzanne Grace, Rex Rolle and Mark Berry with the intention of joy! No experience needed. Bring your own drum/shakers--we have extra instruments.

Trinity Waltz with Grace is coming soon! As the creative designer of THE TRINITY WALTZ, I offer you an original and organic system, what I call Sacred Choreography for Body, Mind & Spirit. As a personal Life Choreography Coach, I use techniques that assist in balancing your triune nature: by Energizing the Body through breath and movement, Stimulating the Mind through Quantum processes with the Grace Formula, and Soaring with Spirit through prayer, blessings and inspirational Grace talks. More details to follow. This is GOOD!

(July 2018)

Broadcasting Station with Grace

Join me for a Sunday talk, (Sunday, July 29 @Foothill CSL/Auburn) as we consider what it means to be a “Broadcasting Station.” The idea alone is powerful. How do we know what we are broadcasting?

I look forward to seeing you. If you can't make it in person, go to GRACEYOGA, where my inspirational talks, yoga videos and sweet meditations are always available.

Sunday, July 29, 2018 there is a 10:00 AM Meditation (optional), 10:30 AM Celebration Service @ FOOTHILL CENTER FOR SPIRITUAL LIVING/AUBURN

Inspirational Choreography for Life
(April 2018)

The Grace Formula

Move from a question mark to an Exclamation Point! Would you like to open up to a possibility in your life that you may not have thought of before?? Then say YES to a complimentary 15-minute CLARITY SESSION with me, using my Grace Formula. This session, which can be done by phone or in person, is an example of what you will experience in a full QUANTUM LIFE COACHING session with me. I look forward to your yes!

~ JUNE SPECIAL ~ Book a full coach session during the month of June and get a 10% discount!

(May 2018)

Joyous Living Circle with Grace

WE WILL: Honor the four directions and connect with the chakras; Learn Heart math coherence processes; Be inspired by readings/poetry and open to inquiry; Follow sweet, guided meditations and savor the silence; Do peaceful yogic & qigong movement & breath; Smile and be in gratitude for our good!

Five Tuesday mornings in May (1, 8, 15, 22, 29), from 9:30 - 11:00 am; Investment: $80 or $20 for single session; The Foothill Center for Spiritual Living/Auburn

(April 2018)

Quantum Coaching with Grace

CULTIVATE YOUR GARDEN -- Are you ready to say YES to purpose, expansion and empowerment in your life?
Would you like to pull out weeds and plant new seeds in your life?
time is the perfect time to plant!

As your Life Coach, I practice the art of deep listening, and together we work as a team to evaluate your beliefs, values and patterns, so that YOU can create the life you deserve and become a master gardener of your LIFE!

My Big Heart of Loving Kindness
(February 2018)

My Big Heart of Loving Kindness

Self Love, Divine Love, unconditional Love... What if the foundation of your life WAS love?? Think about that...
I invite you this month, to open your beautiful heart and let your LOVE LIGHT shine. Take a deep cleansing breath and thank the day, practice forgiveness, loving kindness and generosity. How powerful your life will shift with an open HEART.

The Art of Self-Care
Be Your Own Valentine Workshop
Sunday, February 11th from 12:30 - 3:00

What's your signal? Science, Superstition and Common Sense
(January 2018)

7-week study of Deepak Chopra's classic book

You are invited join me Sunday, January 21 at the 10:30 Celebration Service for my first official talk as Staff Minister at the Foothill Center for Spiritual Living/Auburn.

I am happy to report that I am offering a 7-week study of Deepak Chopra's classic book, "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success". This book is life changing, with great tools and ideas for successful living, no matter where you are on your life's journey. Are you ready to say YES?
7 Weeks: February 6 – March 27 | Tuesdays from 6:00 – 8:30 pm | @Foothill Center for Spiritual Living/Auburn | 7 weeks of study for only $97!!

Community Classes with GraceYoga
(January 2018)

Meditation Circle with Grace

MONDAY: 9:15 am ~ Gentle Chair Yoga @ The Eden Valley Club/Colfax
5:15 pm ~ Organic Yoga Flow @ Meadow Vista Community Center
TUESDAY: Noon ~ Wellness Yoga @ Foothill CSL/Auburn
Classes resume January 8, 2018

Meditation Circle with Grace

Wednesday, January 3, 2018 5:30 - 6:30 pm
Foothill Center for Spiritual Living/Auburn

Rev. Suzanne Grace — Can I get an Amen!!!
(December 2017)

Can I get an Amen!

Yes, it is official! When I tell someone that I am an Interfaith minister, they ask me if I got ordained online. That makes me chuckle. As I know from my early years of dance training to become a professional, this was not something I accomplished overnight.

I actually earned the title "Interfaith Minister" through two years of study with the Emerson Theological Institute at its satellite campus in Cameron Park, CA at the Spiritual Center for Positive Living....

I am grateful to assume the role of Staff Minister at the Foothill Center for Spiritual Living/Auburn,CA where I will teach sacred learning classes, conduct a monthly evening meditation service, speak on Sundays during the year and offer spiritual direction and counsel....

Quantum Life Coaching with Grace
(November 2017)

Quantum Life Coaching with Grace

Good news! After almost two years of study at The Spiritual Center for Positive Living/Cameron Park, CA (a satellite for the Emerson Theological Institute), I have completed another phase of my journey in becoming an Interfaith Minister. I just received my certification as a Quantum Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and Spiritual Hypnotherapist.

How in the heaven did I get here!?

24-Hour Fitness: Develop your Spiritual Core / Spirit Dance & the Four Elements
(August 2017)

Can you hear me now?

I am honored to let you know that I will be the guest speaker at the 10:30 Sunday service at The Foothill Center for Spiritual Living/Auburn on August 6. My talk title reflects my long career in the dance and fitness world, and now as a yoga/meditation teacher, ministerial student and licensed Spiritual Practitioner.

"Physical activity maintains the "house" in which we live, while spiritual activity returns us to our original integrity - our wholeness. Come discover the leading cause of health and happiness!"

The Summer Solstice is Almost Here!
(May 2017)

The Summer Solstice is Almost Here

The season of heat and light is upon us. How are YOU going to spend the next months?? What will give YOU delight this time of year?

I am looking forward to attending a devotional retreat at Ananda Village in Grass Valley, CA in June and then up to the Centers for Spiritual Living retreat at Skamania Lodge outside of Portland, OR in August. And of course enjoying the beautiful rivers, mountains and ocean nearby. Come visit me!

Planting new seeds

Time to Plant New Seeds of Inspiration & Wellness
(April 2017)

Upcoming workshops with Renewal Tuesday's with Grace – Strengthen your Spiritual Core ~ Practicing the Presence.

The Heart of the World – A 4 minute dance tribute to all hearts everywhere. May we remember that we are EACH the heart of the world.

This Thing Called You – A Scared Circle of Learning summer school

Oh What a Beautiful Spring

Oh What a Beautiful Spring!
(March 2017)

Are you ready to plant new seeds of intention and drum up a joyous celebration? Spring Equinox Spirit Drum Circle - Sunday, March 19th at 5:00pm

The Art of Self Care ~ Be Your Own Valentine
(February 2017)

Joy-Filled Events

Are you ready to plant new seeds for 2017? Join me on February 19th!

~ Experience a visioning process to open to your sacred YES
~ Practice 4 heart-opening yoga poses
~ Learn a breathing practice to calm the heart and more....

Welcome the New Year with Grace

Welcome the New Year with Grace
(January 2017)

I am delighted to offer a transformational immersion into the New Year. My heart is dancing! The New Year is a perfect time to reflect, recharge and refocus, to step across the threshold of the old and invite the new – with joyful anticipation. You are a gift and I can't wait to share this day with you. Will you join me on 1/1/17?

Joy-Filled Events

Joy-Filled Events
(December 2016)

Gratitude abounds! Sweet rain is falling, the leaves are rapidly disappearing , cooler temps are arriving. A beautiful buck deer with HUGE antlers just wandered through our property and I am making corn muffin ... how are you enjoying this day?

Fall In ...

Fall In ...
(November 2016)

What an opportunity we have at this time, amid the swirling chaos and conflict in the air, to simply RETURN TO PEACE ...
... It is such an honor to support you by offering simple tools and techniques to help you navigate and waltz through this thing called LIFE!

Check out my awesome upcoming workshops and online offerings!

Be Well ...

Be Well ~ Breathe Deep ~ Have Fun
(August 2016)

Happy end of summer dear friends! I am off on a three-week road trip with my beloved husband, Rex....
My yoga students were lamenting the fact that "what will we do without you??" and I encouraged them to just roll out their yoga mats, stand or sit on it, and see what your body wants! Use your "muscle memory".

New all Sacred Circle of Learning course: Practical Mysticism & Yoga classes begin Sept. 12

Summer Yoga ...

Summer Yoga & Sacred Circle
(July 2016)

Connect with the elements of water, fire, earth and air as we do an early rising, meditative yoga practice on the banks of the Bear River...

Last call to register for a summer evening study (4 Week Sacred Circle of Learning)

Gifts of Grace ...

Gifts of Grace
(May 2016)

Oh happy, happy May! I can say, without a doubt that I LOVE MY LIFE!

Why? Because every day I make a commitment to live, speak and act as authentically as I can....

Gift of Love ...

The Gift of Love
(Feb 2016)

Valentine's Day gives us a reminder to be grateful and loving to ourselves first. In the yogic tradition, it is said that a balanced Heart chakra supports unconditional love.

Gifts Await You ...

Gifts Await You
(Dec 2015)

Happy New Year to the BEST students, friends and family ever! Let's move, breathe & be inspired together

In Thanks and In Giving ...

In Thanks and In Giving
(Nov 2015)

Happy Thanksgiving to my sweet family, friends, students and clients. I am so grateful that you are in my life. May you shine and share YOUR bright Light!

Spiritual UpLift ...

Spiritual UpLift!
(Sept 2015)

Spiritual UpLift is designed to give insight to any issue you may be experiencing, and to align you with your inner knowing for transformation and healing. No matter your religious background or preference, EVERYONE can benefit from this session.

Chakra Yoga Dance ...

Chakra Yoga Dance
(Feb 2015)

Reawakening the Chakras - MOVE IT!. It's Dance, it's Yoga, it's Meditation in Motion, it's for YOU! What if you gave yourself permission to do something new? Join spirited yoga dance teacher Suzanne Grace on a JOURNEY OF JOY....

Ready to Take Off ...

Ready to Take Off
(Jan 2015)

Divine Appreciation. Did you know that it is as easy to be happy as it is to be grumpy? That it is as easy to think of your good as it is to think of your troubles? Of course you know this! What we put our attention on – grows....

Open the Heart ...

Open the Heart
(Dec 2014)

Free the Spirit with Grace. As the wheel of the year turns, we begin a cycle of creation again. You are invited to celebrate the New Year in an empowering, nurturing and magical all day women's retreat in the Sierra foothills....

There's No Place Like OM ...

There's No Place Like OM
(Dec 2014)

Holiday Peace - Gentle Yoga. As unique instruments in this symphony called Life, we are all important. We have the opportunity to play together and create harmony. I celebrate this season with the vision of a sweet sound of one melody, one heart, one energy and one voice....

Move It ...

Move It! (Oct 2014)

It's My Birthday! In celebration of my 60th birthday I created something wonderful! A new Youtube video that is a distillation of my 20+ years of study on the Chakra's.

Many of you are familiar with my 4 hour Chakra yoga workshops or my 1 hour DVD series Well, I have gotten to the Essence with a ten minute movement alignment of these vital energy centers! This is fun, empowering and joyous.

Wind Up Your Clock ...

Wind Up Your Clock
(Sept 2014)

Back to School/Back to Life. Did you know that the average age of my yoga students is 45? And, I have amazing students in their 80's! My classes are designed specifically for YOU! Even though we can't turn back the clock, we CAN wind it up again....

Bubble of Joy ...

Bubble of Joy
(Aug 2014)

August Meditation: Bubble of Joy. No matter what causes it, whenever a little bubble of joy appears in your invisible sea of consciousness, take hold of it, and keep expanding it. Meditate on it and it will grow larger. Watch not the limitations of the little bubble of your joy...

Find Your Center with Grace ...

Find Your Center with Grace
(June 2014)

Reset Your Health. We have all heard that meditation reduces stress and illness, but did you know that yogic practices such as deep, conscious breathing and meditation can alter your DNA gene expression? This is good news....

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