Quantum Life Coach with Suzanne Grace Rolle

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Quantum Life Coach

Inspirational Choreography for Your Life
with the Grace Formula

Quantum Life Coach

The Grace Formula: Cultivate your garden

How? First, you want to prepare the soil by uprooting the weeds and then plant new seeds. Think about your own thoughts and beliefs - are there old weeds that are limiting the way for your greater good? The truth is: You are a magnificent garden of unlimited potential!

As your QL Coach, together we evaluate the beliefs, values and patterns that may be holding you back from being all you can be and then plant new seeds for you to become the master gardener of your life and transform your intentions to reality.

As a QL Coach, I use proven neuroscience processes and techniques that combine deep meditative trance, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and cognitive neurological re-patterning. I also utilize movement, breath, shamanic tools of transformation and affirmative prayer to shift your energy.

We look at the areas of your health, finances, relationships and career - and move you in the direction of confidence and clarity on the road to successful living.

Through Quantum Process you create change by providing new neuropathways and allowing yourself to create different, empowered behaviors and beliefs. You achieve lasting, exceptional results in a short amount of time! I support you in how to nurture your soil and enjoy the harvest of your Life!

Then Quantum Life Coaching with the Grace Formula is for YOU!


Are you ready to invest in yourself and plant your new garden?

1 one-hour session $75
4 one-hour sessions $270 (10% discount)
6 one-hour sessions $420 (great deal @ $70 per session)

Sessions done in person, by phone or Skype

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